Our Ingredients

Good food comes from good produce – and at Bocca Bona we have sourced the best authentic produce Italy has to offer.

From our pizza base to our toppings and oils, all are specially selected with love.


Our pizza dough is made from Stoneground flour, which means it has been milled between 2 stones. The whole grain goes in, and the whole grain comes out, meaning none of the nutrients are lost.  

The dough is proofed for 48 hours so it is completely aerated, producing a light, crisp pizza base.  And it tastes great!


We top our bases with ‘Tomato Sugo’ made in-house using sweet, juicy San Marzano tomatoes.  These deep-red, plum tomatoes, grown at the base of Mount Vesuvius, are cooked slowly for several hours with onion and extra Virgin olive oil to bring out their intense flavour and give you an authentic Italian taste every time.

Our standard pizza cheese is mozzarella.

Our other cheeses are almost like a food journey of Italy – Asiago is a hard cheese which we buy from its place of origin, the Alpine pastures of Veneto; Scamorza (smoked cheese) from the gastronomically rich area of Campania (Campania means ‘happy countryside’ – who wouldn’t want to eat from there?); rich Gorgonzola from the foot of the Alps in Piemonte, and Pecorino Romano, a hard, salty cheese from Rome.  Also from Campania, is our Buffalo Mozzarella, made from the milk of Italian Water Buffalo. Not to be confused with the drier, grated versions of mozzarella more commonly seen in this country, Buffalo Mozzarella has a high water content and a ‘fluffy’ texture.

Bocca Bona uses Gran Moravia, which is made in the Moravia Region of the Czech Republic – a vegetarian, long-aged artisan cheese produced by the oldest Italian dairy company and part of an eco-sustainable food growing project. Now that’s cool. 

And let’s not forget our vegan cheese (Vegan? Cheese? Absolutely!) Our 100% vegan mozzarella-style cheese tastes divine.


Our selection of carne (meat) is another culinary delight.  

Prosciutto Di Parma is one of the most famous types of cured meat Italy has to offer; made from high-quality pork, it is simple, additive-free and delicious.  Prosciutto Cotto is a ‘cooked’ type of Prosciutto.

Coppa is another (absolutely sumptuous) salt-cured pork cold cut.

Nduja, a spreadable pork from Calabria, and Pancetta, made from pork belly, or Guanciale (pork cheek) all bring strong flavours to our pizzas.

Our artisan Salsiccia will delight sausage enthusiasts.

Let’s not forget our Spianata Calabrese- a spicy salami from Calabria with a typical flat shape. It is made with pork meat blended with red pepper and local red chillies and it is matured for at least 45 days.

Fresh Italian vegetables, including Datterini Plum Tomatoes, Friarelli Broccoli, Round Aubergine and Wild Porcini Mushrooms, arrive at our doors within days of being picked from sun-soaked regions of Italy.

Look out for our seasonal specials, featuring delights which are only available for a short time, such as rainbow chard, white asparagus, courgette flowers and white aubergines.  Try them while you can! 


At Bocca Bona, everything we make is produced in our wood-fired oven (except for a few items in our starter menu that are coated in breadcrumbs and therefor need to be fried to retain crispness).

Bocca Bona brings the very best pizza ingredients from Italy to your home, all for the love of good food. 

Ready for the Bocca Bona pizza experience?