What we’re doing to keep our customers safe

  • Customers and staff are advised to socially distance and not enter the premises if unwell.
  • Bocca Bona deliveries are contactless where possible.
  • Delivery cars are sanitised regularly.
  • Our staff are provided with uniforms.
  • Enhanced handwashing procedures are in place.
  • Our equipment is cleaned and sanitised frequently before, during and after service and we are following a strict cleaning schedule in line with guidance from the FSA.
  • Pizza delivery bags are cleaned regularly.

What we’re doing to keep our staff safe

  • Hand sanitiser is available and handwashing procedures are in place.
  • Social distancing measures are practised where possible.
  • Staff areas and equipment are cleaned frequently and cleaning records are kept.
  • We regularly review our policies and procedures and update our processes where required.
  • A Risk Assessment has been carried out with regards to COVID 19 and communicated with all staff.
  • We follow the latest local guidelines regarding COVID 19.